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"Don't ask

what the world needs,

ask what makes you come alive,

and go do it.

Because what the world needs

is people who have

come alive."

 ~ Howard Thurman


Hello, and thank you for visiting!  

I am a Fine Art Nature and Pet Photographer located in Newberg Oregon, heart of wine country in the lush and green Pacific Northwest.  

Whether I am  photographing a single perfect dahlia blossom, a fog shrouded forest, or an old weathered barn, I am always striving to find those extraordinary moments in our ordinary days.  

Photography has enriched my life, and has encouraged me to pay attention to details and capture those moments that we are often too busy to notice.

 Being out in nature makes me come alive!!  I am not a morning person but it surprises even ME how fast I can jump out of bed predawn, in hopes of capturing an  amazing sunrise!           

Thoreau once said 'It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.'  

When I photograph a beloved pet, I am paying close attention to the details of what I see, in hopes of excavating the soulful spirit that resides within.  

When I am not traveling the back roads of this beautiful place we live, I can be found in my secret garden, close to the earth, tending my vegetables and flowers, or drinking coffee and watching the hummingbirds twirl and dive.

I am blessed with three adult children and stepson and four precious grandsons.
 Family means everything to me.  

Home is an old house named 'Rose Cottage' that I share with my wonderful husband Rick, my 4-legged best friend, 'Jack' and 47 rosebushes.  

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